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Documenting Beautiful Elopements And Weddings In San Diego And All Over The World Since 2007

We’re all about colors and styles. We always look for relevant works and thrive to reinvent trends if not staying current. Most of it is intuitive. Our style caters to those who aren’t afraid of the different, authentic and rebellious. Our brand’s goal is for the real you to shine through. It’s our artistic vision on wedding and portrait photography. We try to test the limits and create something new and exciting, we like to enjoy every moment of our work and let it mold us into something fun and creative.

We’ve been documenting breathtaking weddings since 2007. A lot of our clients are San Diego weddings, but we are also Nomads, we like to travel the world to shoot weddings, portraits, engagements and whatnots. We’re always down to do some adventure – from camping, couch-surfing, hiking or even cheap hotels in any corners in the world. Weddings, Engagement Sessions, Elopements, Adventure Sessions or Portrait Sessions, we’re always down to go wherever you want us to be.


Most of our services varies from weddings, engagements to creative portrait and family sessions.

We’re also open to doing anything creative outside our basic services, just send us an email!

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Some of our most favorite weddings, both destination and local San Diego weddings

San diego engagement photographer session airport


Some of our favorite engagement session over the years from all over the world

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Creative solo and family portraits, we don’t like it basic


Both In and Out of San Diego Weddings

Here are some of our favorite works. We pride ourselves on our artistic vision and quality of execution that we give our clients. Whether it’s a San Diego wedding or Destination weddings and engagements, we always aim for the highest artistic standard that we can deliver.

Breathtaking Fonts Point Elopement in Anza Borrego

By: SweetPaperMedia, San Diego Wedding Photographer

Fonts Point, Anza Borrego state park has got to be one of the best outdoor wedding venues in San Diego. With its breathtaking view of the desert mountains, talling beautiful indigenous Ocotillos, the area is surrounded with other beautiful spots to take photos as well and nearby restaurants.. If you’re down for some breathtaking, adventure elopement in a beautiful desert landscape, Check it out! its one of the best wedding venues in San Diego.

Street Photography Styled Engagement Session in Manila, Philippines

By: SweetPaperMedia, San Diego Wedding Photographer

It was 18hr flight to get to Manila from San Diego. Engagement photoshoot like this is always worth the trip, not only that i get to travel but i also get to explore different locations and apply local aesthetics to my art. Manila will always be dear to my heart, it has that charisma that i keep longing for, a certain aesthetic, a distinct smell that makes me feel at home.

Harry Potter Themed Magical Engagement Session in San Diego

By: SweetPaperMedia, San Diego Wedding Photographer

This is by far, one of my San Diego engagement photos that Im really proud of this year. Not just because its based on Harry Potter series, but i consider myself a movie geek as well. There was a lot of pressure trying to execute this engagement session. I don’t want this to be just another Harry Potter themed engagement session. I want to give justice to their vision and give them the best engagement photos. It was very challenging to shoot at night, it can be a nightmare for most photographers. But, It turned out perfect for the vibe we were going for. Lights were set up, props were laid out and shot away! So happy with our output.

A clenched fist LGBTQ wedding in San Diego to celebrate Pride month

By: Sweetpapermedia, San Diego Wedding Photographer

This LGBT San Diego wedding in Japanese Friendship Garden isn’t just another wedding, It’s a lot deeper. It’s about clenched fist lovers declaring to the world their love is just as real as everyone else. It’s about what love should stand for, what it should be for everyone. It was celebration of a moral revolution that is reshaping our future. A future we can look forward to; a future that knows how to accept, love without inhibitions, uphold equality, and embrace differences.


Hi! I’m Pol Sena, owner & operator of SweetPaperMedia, one of the best wedding photography services in San Diego, Ca. I recently got engaged, too, so like you, I know how hard it is to find the right vendors especially for photos because those are the only things we’d actually take home out of the thousands of $$$ we’d be spending on our special day. Most of it are good on the day, but photography will freeze every thing in time & make it last forever.

So allow me to introduce my company. First of all, I believe that all weddings are different especially aesthetically. Some like it toned down in colors & some like it with exploding colors. Whatever & wherever the wedding is, colors are what it boils down to. It’s all up to you to decide how you want your wedding to look like. What’s important is to make sure that you have a photographer who can give justice to how beautiful your wedding vision is. Someone who has the right balance between creative touch & keeping the integrity of your vision. Someone who can understand your vision and know how to incorporate creativity into it without ruining the overall aesthetic of your choice, besides, your wedding is your own vision, right?

Having said that, my most important asset is versatility. I treat each wedding differently based on your vision. I won’t tone down or mute your colors but instead, I will celebrate it. Having been in the industry for more than 13 years, I have experience in pretty much every wedding aesthetic there is.

However, as a creative, I’m not just simply photographing your wedding. I apply my creative interpretation to it to take my wedding photography to a level beyond mere recording. My inspiration comes from movies & most of my influences are cinematographers. It’s my artistic vision towards wedding and portrait photography – a mix of idea & execution with a bit of a tickle in your brain.

Coming from a wedding photographer & a soon-to-be-groom myself, never underestimate the power of memories with a mix of creative interpretation. As a creative myself, I have a vision for my big day & I would want my vision to be eternalized through photos.

My Philosophy? The art of wedding photography is beyond breathtaking landscapes and beautiful venues, it’s not about how expensive the wedding is but it’s about being able to incorporate artistry and preserving integrity of what was given in front of you. No pretentiousness and still create a visual perfume.


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