Weddings involve the most memorable moments in a couple’s life together, so it is natural to want to document everything about the event along with the happiness of the couple. However, you can’t be satisfied with just photos taken on the mobile phones of your friends and loved ones who attend the wedding. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is a must, and this involves looking for a key set of characteristics in the photographer, so as to maximize the quality of the photos of your beloved wedding. Below are some of those characteristics to help you decide better:

Someone with a creative and authentic photography style

Every couple has a unique relationship and this should be able to translate well into photos. No one wants photos which seem too posy, cheesy, or cliché, so the best photographer must be able to capture the chemistry between the pair in the most natural way possible. They should be a great storyteller of the clients’ journey together using only pictures.

Someone with brilliant technical skills and an effective system

Professional photography is a business, and the best businesses have a team that knows how to work together effectively and a system that is organized and produces not only topnotch but also swift results.

Someone with a diverse photography portfolio

Sure, a good wedding photographer must be a master of what he does best: shooting weddings. However, the best photographers are willing to adapt. Versatility is a must in order to increase one’s talents to their maximum potential, and photographers who know how to direct other types of photoshoots are one you should recommend to everyone.

Someone who loves what they are doing

What is similar to all great photographers is that they clearly enjoy their craft. Passion is an important element in producing amazing results, and when the photographer relishes what he/she is doing, this clearly shows in the photos.

Someone who prioritizes your preferences above anything else

It is not enough that the photographers enjoy what they’re doing: the clients have to enjoy, as well. It is unacceptable to induce an uncomfortable atmosphere during shoots and to make the clients engage in something they do not want to do. The clients’ wishes must be followed as much as possible – it is their special day and the best photographers have to be completely aware of that.

Those are just some of the traits you want to look for if you wish to hire a professional photographer. An example of these photographers is Sweet Paper Media – San Diego Wedding Photographer, an amazing wedding photographer team based in San Diego who exhibit all of the aforementioned characteristics and more! Feel free to contact them at  619-208-3141, email them at, or visit their website at