Best engagement session ideas for the soon to be married

When planning  your engagement session with your partner, or even when figuring out a perfect place to get hitched, you don’t have to limit yourselves to your locale. You can explore and have fun looking for a location, but you have to start with an idea. Can’t think of where to shoot your engagement photos? Here’s a list of suggestions of themes or places (near or far) that would hopefully ignite a spark within you two.


For the ambitious and dream-chasing couple

If you’ve always wanted to see the earth with your own eyes, this is the perfect chance to do it with your significant other. You can choose to have your pictures taken in the most majestic of tourist destinations, in the dreamiest exotic locations, in the most breathtaking wonders of the world. Only a few things are better than accomplishing your bucket list with your lover by your side who also has the same wishes.

Moldova photography by SweetPaperMedia
Moldova photography by SweetPaperMedia

Lavender field session in Moldova, Eastern Europe is all about wanderlust and perfect for destination engagement session
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For the sentimental couple

Where did you first meet your significant other? Where did you have your first date? Your first kiss? At a café, a park, a library? Why not base your engagement shoot in that location or even that particular moment? It’s always a brilliant idea to look back on all your memories together and commemorate the sweetest ones in the form of photos. Why not even decide to set the shoot in your own homes for extra comfort? It’s up to you.

Retro Photography by SweetPaperMedia
Retro Photography by SweetPaperMedia

A retro diner will give your engagement session very chill  and artsy vibe.
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For the adventurous and thrill-seeking couple

If you and your future spouse are adrenaline junkies and want to go exciting expeditions together, you can choose to incorporate this aspect in your engagement photoshoot. Go camping in the woods, hiking in the mountains, even deep-sea dive! As long as you have a photographer that is always down to go on an adventure with you, anything is possible.

Salton Sea photography by SweetPaperMedia
Salton Sea photography by SweetPaperMedia

Salton Sea with its desolate look will give your engagement session a kick ass feel into it.
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For the romantic and passionate couple

If you want to showcase your love for your partner the most in the shoot, it would be perfect to have a romantic location go along with it. On the beach, in the fields watching the sunset, on a romantic cruise… the choices are endless.

Island hopping in Turkey is a perfect idea for your destination engagement session. Link here
Turkey photography by SweetPaperMedia

Island hopping in Turkey is a perfect idea for your destination engagement session.
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For the geek and movie loving couples

Showcase your love for your partner in your photos by showing what you have in common, Nothing beats a the romantic vibe of a couple that shares the same interests. Be it movies, pop culture, anime or comics. Show everyone the unique side of you and make sure to get a photographer that can give justice to your vision.

Sin City by SweetPaperMedia
Sin City photography by SweetPaperMedia

This steamy Sin City themed engagement session is perfect!
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