Making sure your wedding in San Diego California turns out exactly like it is in your dreams takes a lot of effort, time, and dedication. However, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make your wedding dream come true.

You can save some money with some elements of the wedding without risking the quality of the results, by being smart with where your money goes. This includes that of the wedding photographer and your photos. With that said, here are some tips to maximize your budget when it comes to wedding photography planning in San Diego California.

Asking for a discount does not work as one expects. Professional photographers usually have fixed rates because they have already calculated and incorporated all of the things that have to do with their business, such as liability insurance, sales tax, self-employment tax, income tax, equipment insurance upkeep, their business license, and day to day costs. However, I am not saying you should hire a cheap photographer, only that you should know your money’s worth.

When you’re choosing a photographer, make sure to be familiar with his/her editing style. This is possible by asking that photographer for their portfolio, where you can see if their style of editing fits your taste. This will help both you and your photographer in preventing a lot of disappointments that can come along the way when you’re not happy with the way they edit their photos, and it’ll help with the photographer being comfortable with what s/he’s working with by not changing the way they edit their photos.

Be honest about your budget. Agreeing to a budget you know you can’t afford is a major red flag for you as a customer, since you won’t be paying up the agreed amount for the services you received. This can even mean that the photographer might withhold a few of the pictures s/he took. However, this doesn’t mean it’s game over for your plan in your wedding photographer. Asking him/her for any possible payment plans can give you a breather for the immediate expenses without having to sacrifice your vision for your wedding photos.

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