Outfit guide for your engagement session


As your Big Day draws nearer, one more thing to keep in mind is planning the perfect outfit for your engagement session. Taking your engagement photos is supposed to be a light-hearted but meaningful break from the more serious parts of wedding planning, to capture this exciting time in your relationship. Engagement photos are meant to celebrate your love as a 

That being said, here are some tips to choose outfits for your engagement session.

1. Come as you are
Wear outfits that represent who you are as a couple. For instance, if you and your partner are into casual outfits, wear outfits that make you feel comfortable and at your best. Overdressing will make you and your partner feel uncomfortable and awkward, so stick with clothes that you love, and will be happy to see in your engagement photos. A good rule of thumb is dressing as yourself, but a little bit better with makeup, a great outfit from head to toe, and a great hairstyle that shows off your unique personality.
 2. Wear the right seasonal clothing
If you live somewhere with all four seasons, it makes sense to choose the right clothes depending on the timing, location, and climate you hold your engagement photo shoot. 

Autumn and Winter 

If you have an autumn engagement session, wear cozy layers in neutrals, warm tones, or jewel tones that complement or contrast against the color of the turning leaves. For winter shoots, wear comfy fleece-lined pants and boots, and stylish but cozy jackets and headgear that will look good against the whiteness of the snow.

Spring and Summer

During warmer seasons, choose light and comfy fabrics like linen for your engagement shoot. If you have a beach photo shoot, you can opt for a fun floral dress and sandals, or even go barefoot! For the men, a light button-up shirt and linen pants or shorts will do. For a casual spring look, a denim jacket over a flowy maxi dress will be a fun, timeless option.

Couple posing in the snow
3. Wear clothes that fit you properly
Your engagement shoot photos are going to be on everything from your invites to your wedding videos, so choose outfits that fit you well. You don’t need to wear a bandage dress that restricts your breathing but choose clothing that hugs your body shape in a way you love. Your engagement shoot is an opportunity to dress in outfits that complement your silhouette while empowering you to feel sexy and confident.
4. Classic is better than trendy
When you’re planning your engagement shoot looks, opt for outfits that are tried and tested to look good. Classic looks and silhouettes have a more timeless appeal than trendy outfits that will look dated a couple of years down the line.
5. Let the colors tell a story
Black and white or neutral outfits are great go-to’s if you want a safe and timeless option for your engagement shoot photos. On the other hand, playing with color in your outfits and accessories is a great way to show off your personality. You can also match your color scheme with the seasons, ex. Jewel tones and earthy colors for autumn and winter, pastels for spring, and tropical hues for summer.