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Mt. Woodson Castle Wedding Venue | Ramona, Ca.

A Classic and Sophisticated Wedding

Address: 16302 N Woodson Dr, Ramona, CA 92065
Phone: (858) 638-0672

A Classic and Sophisticated Wedding The Mt. Woodson Castle 

If you are a couple that is into a fairytale wedding, the Mt. Woodson Castle is a historical venue located in Ramona, California. The castle used to be a home built in 1921 by the famous San Diego dress designer Amy Strong. The Mt. Woodson Castle features Craftsman style architecture and features picture perfect grounds and a stunning interior. The Craftsman ideals emphasized harmony between the individual and the environment, the intensive involvement of the artist with their materials, and the blending of the primitive with the sophisticated. Mt. Woodson does not lack in in breathtaking spots for sharing the magical moment of finally starting a journey together. The sceneries are perfect for post-ceremony wedding photographs, and Mt. Woodson Castle will make sure that they can customize the setting into your dreams. On the other hand, your San Diego wedding photographer will make sure that each magical moment in this majestic setting will be captured in photos to last forever.

The style of the area is simple, harmonious, and romantic with its backdrops and vibes that transport you into the past. With natural surroundings and elements like wood, stone walls, and others create a taste that achieves a balance between classic and modern – perfect for a vintage wedding. The castle stands tall and wide with 27 rooms, spanning 12,000 square feet, and huge stone walls. Outside the castle lies a classic windmill that is perfect for a unique and amazing photo. The Great hall inside features a 16-foot ceiling, a swing porch, wondrous fireplaces that are all great opportunities for ceremony, romantic, or reception photos. With inspirations from Persian, Arabic, and Oriental influences, the overall effect of the place gives you a warming, graceful, free atmosphere. 

With a classic place like Mt. Woodson Castle giving a relaxing atmosphere, your photos shouldn’t be a stress either. Make sure that your San Diego wedding photographer will be the best in capturing the moments of your Mt. Woodson Castle Wedding so you can just relax during the event, and guarantee that you can look back on amazing photos in the future. And with that,
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