2022 RECAP

Not the “Best of 2022” but rather the best of “ALL” the weddings and other session I was blessed with in 2022.

This year was definitely a big win for me especially as a creative entrepreneur. Probably the busiest year in my entire 15 year career as a wedding photographer.

Although I wasn’t published nor got any awards this year, I ever really considered being published and winning some awards a few years ago as a big accomplishment. It did not do much for my business other than gain a few more followers that was never even my target market. I really think those are superficial sense of achievement. However I think my milestone achievement as a creative entrepreneur is that I survived and thrived through the pandemic. That is something I’m really proud of. So if you’re still around and thriving, pat your self in the back and be proud. You’ve made it this far and that has far more value than any features and awards.

Heres a quick 2022 recap, Cheers to us!