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Alejandra + Miguel

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Alejandra + Miguel | Vibrant Mexican Wedding

JANUARY 26, 2019

Miguel and Alejandra have put on a wedding beautifully detailed with Mexican traditions and aesthetics. When Alejanrda described her wedding vision i knew i had to book it already and was not planning on letting it go. I knew right away its gonna be exciting. They wanted their wedding day to be ornamented with Mexican details and backdropped by Jamul’s desert landscape.

Torrey pines church was also the perfect aesthetic choice for their wedding with its architectural style and brick wall textures. Miguel wore a Charro suit and Alejandra accented her dress with vibrant red florals while being serenaded by a mariachi band during a Catholic ceremony. It was also fun watching the bride and groom danced to the beat of the Mariachi band playing after the ceremony . I spent a whole day with shooting their wedding, it was a festive event filled with dancing, singing, and so much more. I got to dance with one of the grooms maid and anyone who knows me knows that i love dancing alot. There was so much energy in the wedding and It was definitely a very fun and amazing experience.

Theres so much beauty in Mexican culture that alot of us need to see and learn, its something that this country, being a melting pot, should always appreciate that we have around and should always keep. Regardless of culture, race, country and religion, we are all one and we should be bonded by love and one purpose… pretty much like Miguel and Alejandra. Theres a lesson to be learned here and was definitely glad that i was able to see it first hand.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music for complete experience!

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