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Anza Borrego has got to be the best San Diego wedding venue | Jenn + Chris

Hands down, this San Diego wedding is BREATHTAKING!

There is a lot of outdoor wedding venues in San Diego and Anza Borrego is not a typical choice for a lot of couples. But if you are down for some adventure and breathtaking landscape, I would say it is one of the best wedding venues in San Diego.

It was a usual, beautiful, sunny day that’s perfect for a desert wedding. Jennifer rented a nice AirBnb to get ready. It was backdropped by the desert mountain which also gave a perfect view for their first look.

We drove straight to Fonts Point after the first look and we were welcomed by close to 10 mph wind. At this point, Chris and Jennifer were getting anxious if we were gonna be able to pull it off since the wind was too strong for the chairs to even hold up. But the wedding must go on and so we went on to proceed with the ceremony. They exchanged their vows in front of few family members and close friends backdropped by the breathtaking view of Fonts Point. The wind was pretty strong, but it added a dramatic feel on the whole aesthetic of the wedding. It was perfect!

I remember telling Jennifer to just embrace what nature is giving us. It’s windy? Feel the wind and let it ruin your hair. Let it happen. And then, viola! Pictures came out great with the wind making it more dramatic. I think it was perfect!

If there is one thing I learned from their wedding, it was that no matter what the situation is, embrace it, feel it, and use it to your advantage. You will never know there might be something really good you can get out of it.

They went on to continue the celebration the next day at Mission Brewery in San Diego, CA. Their brick walls and dim lighting were a nice aesthetic addition to the overall vibe of the wedding. More friends and family joined the candle lit festivities and the night was wrapped up with sparklers at the grand exit.

Hope you guys are holding up just fine during the lockdown!
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Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music for complete experience!

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