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Brick Liberty Station Halloween Wedding

Chris + Nykol

San Diego Wedding Photography

A Dark, Bold and Beautiful Halloween Wedding.

Chris and Nykol

Wohooooo! Halloween is coming and there‚Äôs no other perfect time to share Chris and Nykol’s very unique and creative Halloween wedding but now! I have to admit, upon meeting these two for the first time and seeing Nykol in her Wednesday Adams-ish black dress with purple lipstick, I had goosebumps out of excitement. So, before we even said hi to each other, I knew I had to book their wedding already. This isn’t something I wanna let go.

Chris and Nykol’s Brick wedding at the Liberty Station is still the most unique one I’ve ever done in my entire career and it still is. I have seen Halloween weddings before, but nothing like this. This is legit, true to the theme kind of celebration. Nykol looked amazing and very alluring in her all black wedding dress by Rose DeSimone and very dark colored bouquet by Luna Aurora Florals. Chris was a perfect match in his black velvet suit which he later switched to a violet Barong Tagalog to embrace his Filipino blood. Nykol definitely took it further by walking down the aisle with Sweet Dreams (are made of this) by Holly Henry playing in the background (goosebumps!!!).

The whole venue was well decorated with skulls, lit candles, and black florals to stick with the dark Halloween vibe. Their friends came in full costume rather than traditional wedding attires which made the whole celebration even more perfect. I think It’s safe to say that this is an all out dark wedding.

A few months after the wedding, Nykol, Chris, and I went for a drive to Joshua Tree National Park to take some post-wedding desert portraits and they looked gorgeous, as usual.

It was a real privilege shooting their very unique wedding. Working with Chris and Nykol was more of an out-of-the-box experience rather than work. It’s something I will never forget and will tell my kids in the future that I photographed a wedding as unique as this. It was weird in a beautiful way. The two definitely embraced their real self rather than going with a traditional celebration of union. These two aren’t your traditional couple and they were able to share that experience with me and their loved ones on their special day. Dark, Bold, and Beautiful.

Thank you, Chris and Nykol, for having me. I’m probably not gonna be as cool as you guys, but thank you for letting me experience your beautiful weirdness and I love you both for it.

Photography: Pol Sena of Sweetpapermedia
Venue: Brick Wedding Venue Liberty Station
Catering: Major Events and Catering
Dress: Rose DeSimone
Shoes: YRU
Flowers: Luna Aurora Florals
Officiant: Brian Kern Jr.

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