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Coronado Cays Yacht club wedding, Coronado, Ca.

Chanelle and Chris

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Chanelle and Chris

Coronado Cays Yacht Club Summer Wedding

I think it’s important to note that these two; they know how to party and they do it hard. I love it!!

Chris and Chanelle were perfect for each other for so many reasons. They are classy and sophisticated, fun and loving, and most of all, they have been together since they were 18. I love how their family value tradition and how sentimental they are. Chanelle’s veil was a family heirloom and her wedding dress was the dress she wore when she met Chris for the first time at the International Debutante Ball in 2008. This is a long love story, but I can summarize it by saying that they were obviously meant for each other. It is very rare to meet and fall in love with someone in high school and to stay together. They have been part of each other’s lives for more than a decade and chose to stay forever; what an amazing feeling to know that love like this still exists.

It was a perfect day of celebration for a San Diego Wedding – they deserved the best of everything. They both got ready at Loews Coronado Bay Resort and had their ceremony and reception at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club. Janice did a really great job at planning the entire event and everything turned out to be perfect. Jukebox production band played all night. They were one of the highlights of the night and didn’t disappoint at all; the music they played was perfect for Chris and Chanelles’ amazing energy and they kept the whole party alive and so much fun. The venue was a wonderful choice, as well. With the breathtaking view of the ocean, Coronado Cays Yacht Club’s clear waters complimented Chris and Chanelle’s special day.

Being honored is an understatement. To be there for Chris and Chanelle and to capture such a beautiful day in their lives is such a great experience and honor.

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