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Derek + Elise Wedding

APRIL 17, 2016

Antique rustic” is the best wording I’ve been able to come up with to describe this beautiful wedding—a style that fit this couple well! Once you see these detail shots below, you’ll know exactly what I mean! The colors and details were focused around modernized antique at the beautiful venue Giracci Vineyard and Farms, during our gorgeous California summer. With everything in full bloom and green, it couldn’t have been a better day to get married! If you haven’t been to a Californian winery, I completely recommend booking a trip at your earliest convenience to find out just what you’re missing out on! It was obvious Elise worked extremely hard on getting every aspect just the way she envisioned it because everything was perfect. The intensity of seeing all the details she had slaved over and thought over millions of times the last few months was made very real, and it was a privilege to see a dream come true.

I have shot weddings for many years, but I don’t remember having a bride with such a graceful excitement radiating from her. Even her name exudes grace! I had only met them both the day of the wedding, but I’m sure I’ll remember this wedding for long after. She lit up around Derek, and photographing them together at such a special occasion was a true reminder of why two people belong together for the rest of their lives. We shot around the venue for a bit and inside the barn, and I even got to shoot this couple with a beautiful horse! I think it was a perfect touch to a perfect day. It was wonderful seeing how gentle Derek was with Elise while we shot. They were happy, content, and comfortable to be themselves, and that’s what love is all about! I pride myself on capturing a moment in time, and who the person is at the time of the photograph. I believe the Grindles made my job very easy!

Their energy must have been contagious, because it was quite a party! Family and friends chatted and drank late into the evening, and enjoyed the beautiful array of goodies from the candy table! I love shooting candy tables. They are fun and exciting, and they add a splash of color and flavor to any wedding. This specific candy table was perfect! They definitely nailed it, and I had a great time photographing it. This live band was extremely pleasant to listen to, and they kept the party alive and going strong for hours! Perfect for the venue and the setting, the music gathered multiple people up to dance from around the venue. From wonderful music, smiles and laugher, great food, drinks loved ones, selfies, and memories to last a life time, I’d say this wedding was a huge success. Thank you so much, Elise and Derek for having me! Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness!
credit to Christie Berube for the write up, much love dear!

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