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Disneyland California Engagement Session

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What You Need To Know About Having An Engagement Shoot At Disneyland (Sweet Paper Media)

So you both decided to tie the knot, and decided to hold your engagement shoot at the Happiest Place On Earth: Disneyland! If you’re a huge Disney fan, getting your photos taken at the park is a must. A Disneyland engagement session is supposed to be a magical day of fun, and making childhood dreams come true, which is why so many couples opt to hold their photo shoots here. Each part of the park has different moods, which make for whimsical, unforgettable photos.

However, planning a Disneyland engagement session requires a bit of prep before the day itself. To ensure a relatively stress-free engagement shoot at Disneyland, here are some things you need to know to enjoy your special day.

Are We Even Allowed To Hold An Engagement Session At Disneyland?

I called the admin a few days before the session and asked if I’m allowed to do a Disneyland Engagement Session and their answer was yes. Disney-themed engagement shoot is legal within the park grounds, as long as you don’t get in the way of other park visitors, or disruptive in any way. Always observe proper decorum at a public place like Disneyland. Remember: visitors are there to have a fun time, just like you. It might not be as fun if they have to dodge a couple who are hogging a specific spot, causing traffic, or a photographer with a complicated/time-consuming setup. It’s also important to note that Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in California is different from Walt Disney World and EPCOT theme park in Florida. They have different policies about this issue because Disney World has their own Fine-Art Photography.

Timing Is Important
If you can go during a lean season, there will be less people in your background photos than if you went during high seasons like summer or Halloween. However, if you choose to go during peak seasons at Disneyland, trust your photographer to work fast and to be able to find picturesque areas, or hidden areas with little to no people.

It also helps to be at the park earlier than your expected shoot. Disneyland typically opens at around 8-9 AM, so a good rule of thumb would be to arrive 2 hours before the park opens if you want a morning shoot, or by lunch time if you want to chase the golden hour.

What Should I Wear?
Lots of couples like to plan fun outfits for their Disneyland engagement session. They can go from having special matching attire, Disney-themed accessories, or even full-on costumes inspired by their favorite Disney characters. Whatever you decide to wear, be sure to bring comfortable shoes as you, your photographer, and team will be on your feet all day looking for meaningful spots to shoot your photos. Don’t forget to bring anything else you will need to  touch up or refresh throughout the day, like an extra set of clothes, makeup, etc. If you have space in your bag, don’t forget to bring any medication or first aid you might need in case of emergencies.

Plan Ahead Of Time
When planning your engagement session, it helps to inform your photographer in advance of your favorite spots in the park. Giving them 3-5 options to shoot will help you get to your spots, so you have time to explore the vast area of Disneyland on foot and through its park transportation. If you have a multiple day-pass for the park, you can enjoy the first day to have fun and scout the location before you shoot on the second day.

Have Fun!
We can’t stress this enough. Having a photoshoot at the Happiest Place On Earth means you should enjoy the surroundings, shoot memorable photos, and hop on your favorite rides. Don’t forget to try all the classic park snacks, like the Pineapple Dole Whip, churros, corn dogs, dill pickles, or Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels. They make cute props, too!
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