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Eliad + Valentina | Lavender Field Session | Moldova

AUGUST 29, 2018

A Summer to Remember.

When i found out about Cobusca Noua lavender field in Moldova, it easily became one of my bucket list of locations to shoot at. Luckily, i met Eliad and Valentine at the right time of the year for a shoot there. This session with Eliad and Valentine is definitely one one my favorites, this two beautiful couple reminds me so much of how love should always be… passionate, sweet and exciting, love is never boring.

I really think Moldova is a little underrated. Besides the wine industry, Cobusca Noua lavender field is like something out of a dream, the air literally smelled lavender scent and is definitely comparable to southern France. I always wanted to see Provence in France because of their lavender fields and have a taste of local wines. So when i got the chance to go to Eastern Europe to shoot a wedding and some engagements, my first stop was Moldova and got chance to see this beautiful lavender field, I also had a taste of their amazing local wines which the locals are pretty proud of ( also probably one of the best ones ive had ). I got to experience local hospitality first hand, thanks to my friend Diana who took care of me during my stay there and her awesome grandma who makes the best cognac Ive had and have become my drinking buddy. Moldova is worth visiting and exploring, it has alot of potentials, if you love wine and places that are not too touristy and not overpriced, give Moldova a visit when you tour around Eastern Europe.

Did i mention the country has the biggest wine cellar in the world?

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music for complete experience!

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