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Eric + Veronica

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Eric + Veronica | Mt. Woodson Castle Wedding

FEBRUARY 14, 2017

Eric and Veronica are San Diego locals who recently celebrated their outdoor wedding in Mt. Woodson castle in Ramona, San Diego Ca. It features an exterior of stone work, windmill, bricks and tiles, and arches that reflect various Medieval styles, a12,000 square foot home with four to eight foot thick walls, a sitting room, swing porch, four fireplaces and a dutch oven. This venue completely complimented Eric and Veronica’s vintage inspired wedding along with her stylish gown, her very nice bouquet designed by Elegant Floral Design and Events and the quality catering services provided by Personal Touch Dining. This wedding is one of my personal favorites in 2016, with the warm vibe and happy couple, the very stylish details complemented with vintage designed artistry, and not to mention the all the people that completed the wedding with all their love for the couple.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music for complete experience!

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