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Justin and Jasmine’s Harry Potter Themed San Diego Engagement Session

I consider myself a movie geek and this is, by far, one of my favorite San Diego engagement photos this year simply because it is based on Harry Potter series. This is definitely something I really dig.

I was putting pressure on myself on giving justice to their engagement photos. I do not want this to be just the usual Harry Potter themed engagement session. I wanted it to be a kick-ass session.

The challenge for me was shooting at night and shooting with almost zero natural light can be a nightmare for most photographers. But, I think it was perfect for the mood we were trying to set. A bunch of lights were put up, slow shutters were set up, bearing the chilly weather at night, and boom! Here are the photos!

I gotta admit that I love nerds. I still remember Jasmine’s exact words on her first email to me: “We are a couple of nerds in love”. And that’s it! She did not have to say anything else. I want their wedding.

Jasmine and Justine is definitely the kind of couple that is child at heart. Their love can be described as playful, passionate, and imaginative. Their love for pop culture in general and making it as an integral part of their lives give them a beautiful definition on how they are as lovers.

We all grow up, get busy in our lives, we focus on our careers, pay our bills, and save for retirement. Life becomes a rinse, repeat process, but these two keep their inner child in them. They nurtured it and let it define them. They never let growing old stop them from being fun and I think that is beautiful. They did not grow up because they knew from the beginning that growing up was a vicious trap.. they did not fall for it.

Oh, by the way, their California wedding will be Harry Potter themed, as well. How dope is that, right?

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. Play the audio for complete experience!

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