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Emperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session | San Diego, CA.

Max + Caity

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The Emperial Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Max + Caity

How To Hold A Wedding/Engagement Session At The Imperial Sand Dunes (Sweet Paper Media)

When you’re planning your engagement or wedding photography session in San Diego, the Imperial Sand Dunes (Also known as the Glamis Sand Dunes or Algodones Dunes) will make you feel like you’re standing in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Located off of Hwy 78 between Blythe and Brawley, CA, here are some tips you need to know to prepare for a shoot at this location.

Many couples choose to hold wedding or engagement shoots at the Imperial Sand Dunes, just like Caity and Max did for their engagement session. The striking photos speak for themselves when it comes to the incredible beauty of the Imperial Sand Dunes.

Here are a few tips you need to know when planning for a photography session at the Imperial Sand Dunes:

Secure your permits. A permit is required from October 1 to April 15 annually for the Sand Dunes. Be sure to purchase your permits online before your shoot, which costs $35. Onsite permits are $50 each, while seasonal permits are $150 each.

The best seasons to shoot: Winter, fall, early spring. Try to avoid planning your shoots in the summer time to avoid the hot weather, and walking on the potentially dangerous hot sand.

The best times to shoot: Early morning or late afternoon. Going at peak hours can increase the risk of burned feet, heat stroke, or dehydration.

Stay hydrated and nourished! Holding a shoot at the Glamis Sand Dunes may guarantee glamorous photos, but be sure to hydrate the day before, during and after the shoot. Walking on the sand can be quite the workout, so make sure you’ve eaten on the day of your planned shoot. Don’t forget your water and snacks!

Don’t forget your SPF! You’ll be standing under the sun all day, so make sure to lather on your sunscreen to protect from getting nasty sunburns at the Glamis Sand Dunes.

Wear comfy clothes and footwear. You might want to rethink wearing heels or heavy fabrics when you hold your engagement or wedding session at the Sand Dunes. Choose breathable and light fabrics for comfort, and to avoid sweat stains. As for footwear, if the temperature of the sand permits, you can go barefoot! If that’s not an option, choose a close-toed shoe with a flat bottom, like a pair of boots (or even sneakers!) to ensure the sand doesn’t get in between your toes.

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