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Kyle + Brenzel

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Audrey Hermes

Cake Topper
Jessichu Creations

Diane Shrake

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Victor Medina

Tedd Ekeroth

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Lizzy Heil Nematzadeh /
Alyson Beukema

Karen Martin

Ty Mclntee

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Kyle + Brenzel | Love is Louder Than Words, a Very Touching Deaf Wedding in San Diego

Kyle and Brenzel’s deaf wedding is definitely my first. I was pretty excited for this one because this was going to be one of those unique weddings for me. Prior to the wedding, I tried to learn some basic sign language that I thought I would need during the shoot, but the couple hired an ASL translator and Ty Mclntee was amazing! I wouldn’t have probably pulled off all my shots if she was not there. She definitely saved me a lot of time. The wedding was held in one of my favorite outdoor wedding venues in San Diego, LOT 8. With their lush living walls and overhead palm trees, it is one of the perfect California wedding venues, if you’re going for that vibe. A few days after the wedding, we went to Lake Cuyamaca to do more post-wedding portraits. Not only our bride was absolutely stunning in her gown, but we were hands down on Brenzel’s ability to handle the chilly weather during the entire shoot. She was such a trooper. We have lots to say about this cute wedding, but I will let the pictures speak for us and tell you the stories.

I was pretty concerned before the wedding about establishing my connections with Kyle and Brenzel especially during the portraits because I am not an expert at sign language. But, that was not the case at all, even before Ty arrived to translate. Simple gestures were enough to serve as language between me the couple. It was way easier than I expected. That only proves that connections aren’t established by language but by simple understanding and gestures. A simple smile filled the gap and gestures shattered any barriers. It was a very fun and learning experience for me.

These couple’s San Diego wedding is something we can all reflect upon; that no matter what kind of language, we can all love one another, be as one, and live happily ever after. Kyle and Brenzel proved that to me more than anyone else.

LOVE is louder than any language, only if we can all learn how to do it.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music!

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