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Michelle + Scott | Diner themed Engagement Session | San Diego wedding photogtapher

MARCH 29, 2019

Celebrating Colors and Contrast – a subliminal love story

This time i want to celebrate colors and contrast.

Michelle has been a friend for quite some time now so directing the shoot and telling her the concept was definitely easier given the established connection between us. Shot at Rudford’s Restaurant, their 1950s ambience was a perfect location for the concept. Michelle’s styling combined with the striking tones of a vibrant San Diego urban setting was all perfect. The colors, the setting, and the wardrobe all perfectly aligned together and created a visual perfume that perfectly describes these two as lovers.

This is a sublime take to the beauty of embracing differences – that we can all be powerful as one. Inspired by 1950s, a generation that played a major role in civil rights movement, incorporating vibrant tones and contrasting colors as a subliminal approach to the beauty of love, unity, and respect despite of differences – in which all these elements describe Michelle and Scott’s love for each other.

In a country where everyone is labeled by colors, nothing else can perfectly describe this nation’s ideals than a man in service for the people falling in love with a migrant woman of color from Germany. A unity that symbolizes what this country stands for.

Like these two, we are all beautiful and more powerful if we can all become one… regardless.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music!

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