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Paradise point Resort and spa wedding, San diego, Ca

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Paradise Point Resort and Spa Wedding, San Diego Ca.

Philip + Michael

MAY 15, 2019


Aaah these two, I have so many wonderful things to say about these lovebirds. The contagiously positive energy, their incomparable love for each other that basically redefined love for me, their sense of style and taste that’s just on point, very fun couple… I can keep on going.

They’re extra special for me, from the first FaceTime to in-person meeting. There’s just this sense of comfort I felt with them. I actually ended up talking to them about my personal dating life during our engagement session. You meet them at first and you automatically become best friends with them.

These two has given me a lot of lesson on what love is and should be; Love is not easy – it’s a hard journey and that’s what makes it beautiful and worth everything. Love takes no regard of anything, the only important thing is that you have each other. Love is never an accident – it is always meant to be, you find each other for certain reasons. Love is selfless. And most of all, love is not something you can give up on… regardless, giving up should never be an option.

To these two lovers, best friends, ride or die duo…
Thank you, you have no idea how much you touched my heart.
Much love to both of you.

Special shout out to Alfred Tang for being our lead photographer for this Paradise Point Resort wedding day.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music for complete experience!

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