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Puerto Vallarta Wedding

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Mags and Aaron

Stylish and Intimate Tropical Beach Wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Mags and Aaron

This one is extra special for me. Mags is one of my closest friends way back in high school. We’ve had lots of history together along with our other friends who were also part of this wedding. Cakes, (Ronald, our dearest high school valedictorian) served as the officiant, Tommy and Grace who gave their most heartfelt wedding speech, (I wasn’t really listening because I was busy taking photos, sorry guys) and Enis, the latest addition to the circle but have always been there (more present than I’d probably ever be). This wasn’t just another wedding for me. It was a nice reunion with people who I grew up with and always have a special place in my heart. I felt this wedding, probably more than anything I’ve ever shot before.

Mags and Aaron’s Puerto Vallarta wedding in Mexico was a stunner. Mags looked gorgeous in her Cocomelody wedding dress matched by Aaron’s gray linen suit that fits perfectly for a stylish, laid-back, tropical beach wedding vibe. Casa Lido was also a great venue with its Modern Spanish Colonial architecture overlooking the view of the Banderas bay. The intimate candle lit reception was made elegant and trendy by Vallarta Weddings with their designs and served with sumptuous meal prepared by B by B Banquets. The evening sky was lit up by spectacular fireworks which was a great way to wrap up the event. This intimate wedding was a nice, laid-back, and fun event. I was happy to be there and be with friends I grew up with.

This wedding was a long time coming. I knew I liked Aaron since the first time I met him. I could still remember that time when we all went out in LA and Aaron was holding Mag’s hand while crossing the street. I told Mags the same week via group chat that I like Aaron, “he’s sweet, he gives a shit, and he’s proud to have you”. When you have those three, you know that the person is a good catch. Good job, Mags!

Photography: Pol Sena of Sweetpapermedia
Venue: Casa Lido
Wedding Planner: Vallarta Weddings
Wedding Dress: Cocomelody
Catering: By B Banquets

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Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Puerto Vallarta)
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