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Salt Drift Pointe Wedding

Erin + Rachel

Romantic Salt Drift Pointe Wedding, San Diego Ca.

Erin + Rachel

Erin and Rachel’s Salt Drift Pointe Wedding in San Diego is extra special for me. This is a wedding that has been long time due. It was initially planned as a 2020 wedding, but like any other wedding on that year, it had to be postponed because of the pandemic. But when you’re madly in-love, you’re also unstoppable. So these two went ahead and did a very intimate ceremony at the Golden Hill park in front of some very few friends backdropped by the park’s golden sunset. Obviously, nothing can stop these two from declaring their love for each other to the whole world and I love it!

So fast forward, when everything opened up after the Covid outbreak and everyone has been vaccinated, they proceeded to celebrate their big wedding, as planned, at Salt Drift Pointe. Situated in the South San Diego bay, the venue was backdropped with the waters giving the wedding a nice and romantic vibe. The ceremony’s aura was beautiful and it was made lovelier because Rachel was stunning in her Love and Lace Bridal Salon dress and Erin looked really great and dapper in his well fitted suit. The wedding was made more amazing by the florals designed by Chic Flowers and Flowers By Chele. We were all serenaded by some friends of the couple who got together and formed a band and played all night during the reception.

Overall, the whole wedding was amazing not just by the aesthetic, but also by the love of all the people around them who were not able to see each other for quite a while because of the pandemic. It was a lovely sight to see. Rachel wrapped the night by singing  Superstition by Stevie Wonder while Erin played the Drums.

Seeing the way Erin and Rachel look at each other was like watching two teenagers in love. You can feel the giggles and the affection they have for each other was very obvious. Their energy radiated all throughout the wedding day. I can sit all day and just watch these two look at each other… it’s fun and inspiring.


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