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A San Diego Botanic Gardens Wedding With a Little Bit of Extra

Anh + Garret

This San Diego Botanic Gardens Wedding was a stunner; it is arguably the best outdoor wedding venues in San Diego.
Anh and Garret definitely chose a perfect wedding venue for their special day. Imagine wandering through secluded lush forests under a clear blue sky with a faint sound of a waterfall and exotic smell of blossoming flowers as your own space to share with your significant other and exchange vows with. This is definitely a wedding wonderland.

San Diego Botanic Gardens is an oasis in Encinitas, CA. If you want a stunning lush garden wedding, this venue is guaranteed to exceed expectations. Garden weddings are perfect if you want an all-outdoor space that sets a classy backdrop and enough space to socially distance during COVID 19 pandemic. The combination of San Diego sunny weather and the lush setting is a perfect mood setter. There are multiple options in the property to host your San Diego wedding depending on how big your guest count is.

Anh and Garret exchanged their vows at the Walled Garden. It provided an intimate setting that is filled with green ferns and shaded with trees. Anh got ready in the Larabee House, which sits next to the ceremony area and gave her a perfect exit out and walk straight down the aisle to meet Garret.

The Victorian Gazebo lawn was the reception venue of choice. It is one of the highlights of the venue that stand in the center of the garden. Back dropped by flourishing foliage and flowers, it gave the reception setting a botanic paradise feel.

Anh and Garret definitely has taste. They are creative, beautiful, and easy to get along with. Being both sound geeks, I would see them randomly playing with resonant frequency with their wine glasses and with their heads tucked together to hear its faint sound against the loud DJ music in the background – I thought it was very sweet and it definitely describes how perfect they are for each other.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this creative wedding post with a twist of pop art. I got a little extra on this one. This San Diego wedding is definitely on my top list.

Cheers, Anh and Garret.

Scroll down through the images to follow their journey. And don’t forget to play the music!

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