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Tory + Dawn

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Tory + Dawn | San Diego Engagement Session

MARCH 11, 2015

I’ve never been touched by a couple’s “how it all started” story as much as Dawn and Tory did, Tory have known Dawn for two years, they started out as friends but he’s had the likes for Dawn ever since. Dawn had no idea how much feelings Tory had for her so the love story began in the friendzone and just being there for each other as time passes by. After years of “waiting for the moment“, movies, hangin out and just simply being there for Dawn, Tory was finally able to gather all the courage to officially ask Dawn out and tell her everything…well, by now we know how it all went.

I had so much fun the entire time we were shooting, they’re just so in love that they cant take their eyes and lips off each other, the  love was overflowing and happiness was brighter than sunshine, i cant help but notice all the smiles that comes out of their face while they share their love story, all those giggles, the laughs, the kisses… love vibrated so much energy i felt the warmth as they hugged each other, its was a great experience to see love unfold right before your eyes, i actually couldn’t help but share a little bit of my stories too, and Tory’s advice is… just go for it!

Just like in the movies, this is a perfect story of strangers became friends, to lovers and now… soon to be husband and wife, it makes me so much happy that i was able to capture the love of this very beautiful couple.

Oh! and Dawn Mitschele is an awesome singer/ songwriter by the way.

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