Namaste! MAY 27, 2016 India, a place teeming with riot noise and colors, where you dodge a perpetual stream of honking tuktuks just to cross the street and the rapid motion of the busy crowd are kept alive by both tourists and locals. Over a billion people live here, from a backward [...]

Dear Abby


Dear Abby APRIL 7, 2016 i could paint these pictures with colors of adjectives of you but one thing i know is very true, you're beyond colors, beyond adjectives... beyond any words you bear a certain grace that make people look at you like you're everything they see frame... by frame. [...]

My Cactus Tree


My Cactus Tree APRIL 5, 2016 He has missed her in the forest While he showed her all the flowers And the branches sang the chorus As he climbed the scaly towers Of a forest tree While she was somewhere being free -Joni Mitchell I cant get over the energy of this [...]

Cuba Libre!


Cuba Libre! MARCH 27, 2016 Havana welcomed me with its golden sunset beaming thru the narrow alleyways pillared by crumbling Beaux art architectures, its gorgeously peeling paints appear to convey charm rather than age, the street resonates to roaring ancient Plymouths, Cadillacs and Buicks... i was told that it is a [...]

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