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Pol Sena

San Diego Wedding Photographer, Pol Sena

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Pol Sena

Hi! I’m Pol Sena, founder and operator of Sweetpapermedia. I’ve been shooting weddings for more than 10yrs now since 2007. I have a weird habit of collecting sneakers and I always have that thirst for travel and adventure. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and I started my career in visual arts as a painter before diving into photography. I’m very energetic (hyper, actually) which is always beneficial for me since shooting weddings requires a lot of physical and mental energy. I started my career in photography as a photojournalist, fashion photographer, and documentary photographer before going serious with weddings. I think wedding photography is my happy compromise because I’m able to conceptualize and still create stories at same time. Wedding photography is a passion for me; I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else. I guess it’s that hopeless romantic part of me. I find love even in the most simple things in life; hence, I’ll fall in love over simple things, as well, and no other profession fits me better than shooting weddings where love is all over.

I love to suit up on weddings; I will always go to your wedding suited up because if the bride, groom, and all the other guests can do it all day, then so can I. It’s my own little way of showing respect to a formal event (other than just always wanting to dress up). I will dance with you, drink with you, and even cry with you at your wedding because I’m just like that. I try to get myself connected to every wedding I shoot because that’s just how I am.

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