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The Horton Grand Hotel

For the Grandest Weddings

Address: 311 Island Ave, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 544-1886

The Horton Grand Hotel – For the Grandest Weddings

Located in downtown San Diego, the Horton Grand Hotel is a gorgeous hotel with a historic and romantic atmosphere. With its grand venues inside and out, exquisite cuisine, hospitable staff, choosing the Horton Grand Hotel for your wedding day will ensure you a day you will never forget. The Hotel already has it all for any social gathering – especially weddings! All you have to worry about is the emotions of the day itself, a little bit of decorations, and a San Diego Wedding Photographer to make sure the best moments of your wedding day are captured. 

This huge hotel has a variety of venues that fit all budgets and ideas, no matter how small or big your want you wedding to be. The Regency Ballroom is a cozy ballroom beautifully placed with an amazing view of the New Orleans Style Courtyard for a very welcoming and homey vibe – perfect for morning-background photos. Of course, you can also get the New Orleans Style Courtyard along with The Regency Ballroom. This Courtyard is spacious and inviting for a reception like no other. Flexible for both formal in informal gatherings, you can decorate the place to your liking of just let the wonderful plants, trees and serene fountain to bring your photos to the next level. Another great space is the Copley ally which makes privacy its specialty. Your imagination holds the limit to how grand or simple you want your ceremony to be. Finally, the Regal Ballroom is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding. With its stylish floor space and ceiling windows, you can let the night sky bring wonder to your perfect and eloquent event. Each of the Horton Grand Hotel’s spots are perfect canvases to your special day, perfect for making the event and the place your own.

Just get the venue sorted out, the beautiful staff of the Horton Grand Hotel will take care of the rest. As for your photos? We pride ourselves as one of the best San Diego Wedding Photographer, We got your back when it comes to making each moment even better for your Horton Grand Hotel, San Diego wedding.
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