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The Spanish Village Art Center Wedding Venue

The End of the Rainbow Wedding

Address: 1770 Village Pl, San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 233-9050

The End of the Rainbow Wedding, The Spanish Village Art Center

For the creative and artistic couple. The Spanish Village Art Center is a unique and special venue for a wedding. Located at the famous Balboa Park, the entire courtyard and artist studios are guaranteed to wow you and your future spouse. With its Spanish architectural setting and open-air patio, everyone who visits the place for their leisure falls in love with the place, and so will you when you say your vows in this soulful and artistic stage. With plenty of details to look at, make sure your San Diego wedding photographer captures your favorite moments and backdrops for your special day.

Although swaying a little away from traditional venues, the charming setting of the cluster of little studios around the wide open-air patio gives the atmosphere such a great appeal. Seeing the artists work on their masterpieces against the colorful patio surrounded my majestic trees gives a relaxing but sophisticated vibe for any gathering – much more for weddings. The sophisticated artworks will surely impress and capture your hearts during the wedding. With live music played by various artists, each little detail of the area comes to life. From the painted tiles that adorn the patio to the pieces of artwork all around you, every inch of the Spanish Village Art Center is eye-catching and perfect for pre-wedding, ceremonial and reception photos. Already a bright and colorful place, you only need simple touches to not only make it your wedding spot, but for you to stand out in the venue. The real crowd pleaser is the Southwestern Artists’ Association Gallery. With its grand entrance and marque, this is the perfect place to say I do. The gallery features works of the local artists and makes a perfect shop for your wedding tokens. 

With so many places and spots to think about, you might get lost the in the vast array of ideas, and photos opportunities might stress you out. Relax and let your San Diego wedding photographer take care of capturing each second of your most special day at the majestic Spanish Village Art Center.
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